Deleting a Document


Sometime after storing a document in E-Synergy, you may decide it has become out of date or obsolete. You may need to replace it with an updated version of the same document. As long as you are the one who originally placed the document into E-Synergy, you can delete it. Follow these steps:

  1. From your homepage, click on the Documents link in the left panel, as shown below.

    Documents link

    This takes you to the Documents window, as shown below. This window displays all the documents that you have already added to E-Synergy. On the far right, change the Sort by field to Created (Descending) to sort the list from newest to oldest document. Use the Next button (lower left) if you can't find the document on the first screen.


  2. Locate the document you need to delete and click on it. This displays a Document page similar to the following one.

    selected document

  3. Click on Edit to open the Document detail page as shown below.
  4. document detail page

  5. Verify that this is the correct document and then click on Delete. Click on Yes to confirm. This returns you to your Documents list, which is now one document shorter.


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