Finding Files with E-Synergy Batch 360


After we updated E-Synergy to Batch 360 in July 2007, you may have noticed that some things do not work the way they used to.

In this tip, weíll look at how the upgrade affected the homepage.

Letís look at the left-hand column navigation menus. The icons to the left of the function names (such as Documents or Requests) used to, when clicked, open up pages like the Document Library or the list of Workflows (a workflow is the same as a request). Now when clicked, you will get a list of your documents, or your workflows.


To get to a new account page, or the list of requests, you need to click on the new page icon to the right of the function name, as shown in the following screen. To get to the Document Library, you need to use the Documents button on the top of the E-Synergy window.


You can still use the blank text box beneath the function name to search within that area.† For example, you can type a customer name in the text box under Accounts, and then click on the green arrow button to search for that customerís account.

The rest of the default home page is pretty much the same, except with a new look.


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