Finding Your Requests, Workflows, or Documents


You can use this shortcut to quickly find requests, workflows, or documents that you created or saved into the E-Synergy document library.

  1. Click on the Documents or Requests link in the left hand menu of your E-Synergy home page. This displays the appropriate window (for example, the Requests page). All of the requests or workflows that you have created can be found under the relative categories.
  2. finding-files01


  3. If you want to see workflows you have processed, use the dropdown arrow next to the Involvement label above and change the category from Created to Processed.

If you’re searching for a document you saved to the library, use the same process.

  1. Click on Documents in the left hand menu of your E-Synergy home page. The following screen appears, listing all your documents.
  2. finding-files02


  3. Select any document to view its contents.

    This same process will work with Accounts and Projects, as long as you’ve entered an account or project into E-Synergy.

If you click on the word Resources in this column, your Human Resources page opens and you can edit some information (for example, phone number and e-mail address). Start by clicking on the Edit button.


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