The following collection of tips, tricks, and hints originated as weekly e-mail lessons. This is an evolving repository of information whose purpose is to help you more easily and more effectively use E-Synergy in your daily work at MRC. Based on your feedback, we will develop additional training tips that address your questions and concerns.

The tips are organized into categories. Each link takes you to a tip that discusses a specific task.

Attaching a Document to a Workflow

» Getting a Document into E-Synergy

» Attaching a Document to a Workflow

» Deleting a Document from E-Synergy


» Getting What You Need and Want on Your Homepage

» Saving Search Criteria as a Template

» Setting Up Alerts for Workflow and Calendar

» Setting Up Notification of Incoming Workflows

» Using Your Favorites List to Save Time

Finding Information

» Searching for Workflows and Documents

» Finding Files with E-Synergy Batch 360

» Finding Your Requests, Workflows, or Documents

» Searching for Product Specifications

Submitting New Requests

» Submitting a Vacation Request

E-Synergy Standards

» Using Naming Conventions


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