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This web site is a vehicle for demonstrating the breadth of expertise and talent available to you and your organization. This writer's primary skills lie in technical writing, illustrating, and project management. The Technical Writing page provides details about past user information projects. Skills in web design are displayed on this site and those mentioned on the Web Site Design page. A resume (PDF) presents a concise summary of skills and experience.

Work Ethic

The author of this web site is a Senior Technical Writer and people-oriented professional (available for permanent or temp-to-perm work) who works responsibly and independently, works well with overworked engineers and stressed-out project members, exceeds expectations, pays attentions to details, knows documentation processes, accepts challenging assignments, and is willing and able to learn new tools and techniques.

The author strives to go beyond the requirements and give more than expected by excelling at eliciting information from busy, overworked people. Contributing to the success of the business is the philosophy the writer brings to the job, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties.

For example, while at MRC, one manual the author wrote was so well received that a business partner plagiarized it. After reporting the situation to management, the partner agreed to a financial settlement.

As another example, while a contractor at HP, the author successfully assisted contract writers and course developers migrating to a new VPN tunneling solution. The author wrote an unsolicited short user guide and troubleshooting guide that were still in demand more than a year after the end of the project.

Project Scope

The writer has several years of user information project management experience, and has worked on projects that ranged from several weeks to over a year. An experienced user of FrameMaker and Microsoft Word, the writer has been able to quickly learn authoring tools during past projects, always exceeding expectations.

Extensive Experience

The writer has extensive experience with task-oriented operator guides, maintenance guides, reference guides, installation guides, quick reference cards, and release notes for commercial photolithography systems (flat panel displays and silicon chip packaging), microwave broadcast products (receivers, controllers, multi-antenna systems, mobile routing platforms), computer applications, operating systems, and data storage products, as well as broad skills with authoring tools for print and online deliverables. This experience will prove to be highly effective for developing product or service documentation for your company.



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