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aggiornamento (ah-jor-nah-men'-toe): The process of bringing an institution or organization up to date; modernization.

IT Support Documentation

Borg imageThe MFI Information Technology (IT) Department designs, develops, implements, supports, and manages the computer-based information systems, software applications, and computer and networking hardware that are needed to run the business.

IT staff operate and maintain the backup processes that securely store critical business client data as well as internal user e-mail and other files. User access to Windows and OpenVMS resources are managed by IT staff.

IT staff also provide technical support to the MFI user community. Help is just a click away.

To satisfy future needs, the IT Dept. is continually investigating and deploying new hardware and software solutions to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Technical and business process documentation is available for the following topics:

Organization Documents for IT strategic planning, organization, and policies.
User Access Documents for giving or denying user access to the network and its resources.
Operations Documents for daily business operations.
Change Management Documents for processes such as updating installed software and hardware, and moving IT-developed software from test into production.
Business Continuity Documents for business continuity such as a disaster recovery plan.
Application Development Documents for application development and installation of
special-purpose applications and utilities.
End User Documents designed for the end user. This link takes you to the Info Page.
Templates Word 2003 files that provide a starting point for technical documents.
Archives Documents that describe obsolete or outdated processes or applications.

Note: Links with a star (*) mean that a document needs to be created or updated.