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Technical Writing

MAFware Solutions offers these technical writing services:

  • User guides, reference guides, operator guides, configuration guides, installation guides, release notes
  • Hardware and software application documentation, especially for GUIs
  • Operating system and firmware documentation
  • IT documents (data backup plans, disaster reecovery plans, network diagrams and rack diagrams)
  • White papers and technical briefs
  • Document reorganizing, revamping with an eye toward improved usability
  • Technical editing and proofreading

Documentation Projects

The following describes past documentation projects, all successfully completed. Samples of many of the manuals are available upon request. A resume (PDF) presents a concise summary of skills and experience.

Highlights from 2006 to the present:

  • Consulting Work – Web Site Design and Newsletters,
    Dec. 2014-Present

    Developed and maintained web sites and produced newsletters for local non-profit clients.
  • Rudolph Technologies (formerly Azores Corp.), June 2011-Dec. 2014 – Working on technical manuals for advanced step-and-repeat photolithography equipment (Steppers) for the flat panel display market and the silicon wafer packaging market:
    • Designed new FrameMaker templates and Word templates to improve the usability of the technical manuals.
    • Prepared a document set for each custom system. This set included an Operator's Manual, Advanced Operator's Manual, Facilities Requirements Manual, System Maintenance Manual, Preventive Maintenance Guide, Calibration Manual (for Technical Support), Reticle Design Guide, System Acceptance Manual, and Release Notes.
    • Used hands-on testing to validate procedures (and discover bugs).
    • Used personal Canon Digital SLR camera, Photoshop, and GIMP software to create photos of system components and control panels. Examples included electronics racks, a diagram of emergency off buttons, an electronic stage, and Linux screen shots.
    • Used Windows and Linux screen capture tools to acquire screen shots. Used Visio to create system diagrams and technical illustrations.
    • Provided customized documentation as needed for Product Support personnel.
    • Converted manuals from Word to FrameMaker.
  • Microfinancial, Inc., July-Dec. 2010 – Evaluated documentation needs and provided the following:
    • Designed Word templates for IT documents.
    • Restructured and redesigned the internal IT web site (Note: contract ended before web site could be completed).
    • Created Visio network diagrams.
    • Created Visio equipment rack diagrams with embedded component data for ad hoc reports.
    • Wrote server data backup plans for Windows and OpenVMS systems.
    • Designed spreadsheets detailing rack power consumption (for site relocation).
    • Created equipment replacement plan.
    • Evaluated network monitoring tools.
  • BEI Networks, Sep. 2009-Apr. 2010 – Developed disaster recovery plans, and data security policies and procedures for Massachusetts community college IT Departments.
  • Measured Progress, Jan. 2010-Jan. 2010 – Created release notes, updated user, training, and quick reference guides for middle and high school student assessment software; updated product support intranet web pages.
  • Freelance Work: Web Design and Newsletters, Jan.-Sep. 2009 – Developed and maintained web sites, and produced newsletters for several local non-profit clients.
  • Microwave Radio Communications, N. Billerica, MA, Jun. 2006-Jan. 2009 – Worked on numerous projects, with many on overlapping schedules.
    • Created a Central Receive System Operator's Guide, Overview Guide, Installation Guide, and Quick Reference Card for a GUI-based ENG system for monitoring remote live microwave broadcasts from a news studio.
    • Improved on quality of existing FrameMaker templates, including master pages, character and paragraph tags, tables, and variables. Published all manuals in PDF format.
    • Developed operator's guides and technical manuals for several products for broadcast and homeland security markets, including the DRS4000 Microwave Receiver and the IPRX Data De-encapulator.
    • Developed an Antenna Setup Card, Antenna Controller Setup Card, and an Operator's Guide for an Autopointing Satellite Terminal.
    • Developed a help system design (click on the Help link at top right of new window) for a new TCP/IP router that connects a broadcast studio to remote news vehicles via an extended LAN.
    • Used FrameMaker, Photoshop, Visio, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, and SnagIt extensively.

Highlights from 1998 to 2006:

The following projects were contract assignments with HP, Nashua, NH from 1999 to 2006.

  • HP Cluster Platform Upgrades – (client - HP, Nashua, NH) Upgraded the HP Cluster Platform Overview for HP Cluster Platforms (servers, network switches, high-speed interconnects) using MS Word and Arbortext Epic Editor. (late 2005-early 2006)
  • HP Knowledge Base – Assisted with web-based training and testing of AI tool for cataloging HP call center reports, using internal, web-based applications. (mid 2005)
  • HP VPN Tunneling Solution – Provided technical assistance to 80-100 contractors to migrate their PCs to the new, mandatory, VPN solution for tunneling into the HP intranet. (early 2005)

    HP provided a hard to follow, 50-page guide and many web pages of reference information. To simplify the process, the writer wrote and distributed two new guides to help the contractors implement the VPN solution: a seven-page VPN User Guide and a four-page VPN Troubleshooting Guide. For several months after the project ended, other contractors and HP employees sought out copies of these guides.

  • HP Collaboration and Competency Network – Upgraded this HP technical web site to make it compliant with current HP web standards. Developed a Dreamweaver template. (late 2004)
  • HP StorageWorks Configuration Guide – Created a Technical Guide for configuring HP UNIX-based enterprise-class storage arrays with multiple terabytes (TB) of storage using 48 to 1,024 disks. Used Arbortext Adept (SGML-based editor). (mid-2004)
  • HP AlphaServer TS15 System Documentation – Created a set of guides for telco customers (formatted for 7x9-inch binding). Used MS Word. (early 2004)
    • Owner's Guide for self-maintenance customers (252 pages)
    • Service Guide for troubleshooting by Field Service, including procedures for field replaceable units (339 pages)
    • AlphaServer Rackmount Installation Guide for installing the system in a rack
    • StorageWorks Rackmount Installation Guide for installing a storage array in a rack
  • HP AlphaServer DS15 System Documentation – Completed the Owner's Guide and Service Guide for the HP AlphaServer DS15 system, using MS Word. (2003)
  • HP Hardware Training Courses, HP Programming Tools Web Site – Produced several web based courses for HP hardware components. Upgraded programming tools web site to latest corporate standards. Used Dreamweaver and FrontPage. (2002)
  • Compaq E-mail Solutions for ISPs – Developed solution guides and white papers for Internet Service Providers (early 1999-mid 2001, transitioned from employee to contractor). During this project, the writer successfully completed the following tasks:
    • Managed the development of technical business solution documents and white papers for commercial ISP and E-Commerce applications
    • Documented business solutions running on Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms, using AlphaServer and ProLiant (Intel) servers
    • Tracked multiple schedules for several engineers
    • Created technical diagrams and illustrations
    • Designed and maintained an internal engineering web site for rapid delivery of completed documentation
    • Interfaced with editors at the corporate web site
    • Managed a second writer during peak work loads
  • DIGITAL UNIX Printing Software – Developed a system manager guide, user guide, reference guide, and release notes (late 1998- early 1999).

Highlights prior to 1998:

The following work was completed while a full-time employee at Digital Equipment Corp. during 1986-1998.

  • Performance Solution Guides, User Guides, Installation Guides, Training Guides, online help, release notes
    Produced product manuals and online help for numerous software and hardware projects for VAX/VMS and DIGITAL UNIX platforms, then, after 1995, for the MS Windows platform.



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